Setting up a privacy program from scratch, whether it’s GDPR or CCPA, or both (!) can feel a little overwhelming.Where to start? Which are my biggest risks? How will this impact my business? And when are we compliant enough?

Some of the things we have learned from helping dozens of organizations with their privacy compliance is that you cannot go from 0 to 100% compliance in one go and that compliance is a continuous process anyway. The GDPR specifically has many requirements, principles and conditions, which we have tried to break down in six bite-sized pieces. If you want to make a steady improvement in privacy protection, or GDPR compliance, these are the trends you want to look out for in your organisation:

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Joyce de Jong

Joyce de Jong is a privacy lawyer from the Netherlands and Director of GDPR Consultancy at Audittrail Group. She specialises in the GDPR (obviously) and advises companies about the differences between US and EU privacy law.