Joyce de Jong is a privacy lawyer from the Netherlands and Director of GDPR Consultancy at Audittrail Group. She specialises in the GDPR (obviously) and advises companies about the differences between US and EU privacy law. Based in Leiden and regularly working from the Baltimore office of Audittrail, Joyce is passionate about driving forward the privacy revolution on both sides of the Atlantic by offering practical compliance advice to organisations. Her work is characterised by a common sense approach, making compliance both feasible and (dare we say it?) appealing.

Joyce on a beautiful day in D.C.

Joyce holds Masters degrees from both Leiden University (International & European Law) and the University of Glasgow (Commercial Law) and is an IAPP certified US privacy professional (CIPP/US).

The Audittrail client base includes social housing organisations, education, health care and international manufacturing companies.

In her spare time Joyce loves cooking, fine dining and wine, and enjoys watching sports almost as much as she hates doing any. Her sneaker collection is steadily expanding. Joyce finds writing about herself in the third person rather annoying. 

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